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ABC's of Orlando Bloom / Clever Text Icons: Requests available as well

x 26 ABC Orlando Bloom + 1 extra
x 35 multi-fandom '[insert character name here] wants me real bad'


adorable bloom contemplative delicious elf
flamboyant guh hot in the nude jump and jive
kingdom of heaven laughter many faces naughty orlando
pirate quixotic ravishing sexy tempting
undies velvet touch what bitch?!? xxxxxx yearning for a moment
zephyr random textless -
- - - - -

Just a note: I decided to include girls in these because I know there are guys into fandom out there as well. Enjoy.


I am also taking requests for these icons. Just tell me the name of your character of choice, and I'll make it for ya!

Please credit when taking. *loves*
Tags: orlando bloom, text
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took the simon tam one. will credit.
Thanks. <3 Enjoy!
Er.... John Locke? o.O Is it that John Locke or am I not familiar with yet another Hollywood actor?

Your icons are cool BTW :]
A character on Lost is called John Locke. So no, not that John Locke. ;-)

I was so tickled when I learned the character's name. My friends didn't get it. Go figure....
Yeah...what she said. He is a character from the show Lost, at least, in this instance.
Gorgeous icons!
Thanks! <3
you've really improved :) d is amazing, i love it :) a, g, x, and z are also great. keep up the good work :D
Oh, thanks so much hon! That means a lot coming from you. *loves*
Could you do Jack Black wants me real bad? Id love u forever!!!!!
Sure! I'll try to have it done by Saturday for ya!
These are really nice! Took F & O. Will credit. Thanks!
Thank you! Enjoy!
I love the Orlando ones! I grabbed the Pirate one and will credit when using.

Reguarding the "X wants me real bad" icons - are you still taking requests?
Thanks so much! And, yes, I'm still taking requests!
Took the Lucius Malfoy one. Will credit. Thanks. :)