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26 ABC's of Harry Potter Series' Professors
20 Various Harry Potter/Cast
10 Sin City
2 Marylin Manson

albus boss clap, clap detention, please enemy
filch greasy=sexy hagrid in charge just a joke
king of slytherin lockhexmyheart/art mad eye not pleased oh snap!
protect quirrell remus lupin severus snape trelawny
uncomfortable vigilance, constant wolf at heart x death eater yule ball
zZzzzzz... - - - -
- - - -

- - -
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Those are great. I like the death eater one a lot.
Thanks so much!
All of them are lovely. Snagged the Emma Watson one with the heart if thats alright...
Thanks! And that's fine, just credit me please! Love your icon, btw.
These are fantastic! Thank you for sharing them!
Thanks so much!
Am taking 'detention please'.
Will credit
I love all of them, especially the Remember Cedric and the Marilyn Manson ones at the end.
Thanks so much!
Love these!! snagged detention please, greasy=sexy, severus snape, x deatheater, dwight, & gail's mouth. I will credit if I use them. Thanx!!
Thanks so much! Love your icon too! [Snape is a sexy beast] Enjoy!
Took one of Robert. (How could I not?)
The Emma ones are also nice ...
Thanks! Enjoy!
took the HP 'protect' one, will credit if used
Your icons are really amazing. beautiful work!
It is Christine from TT btw.
Squee! Thanks so much! You're awesome.
I snagged the Minerva is not please icon. Will credit, of course. Thanks!
Thanks! Enjoy!