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Icons of many fandoms. Bitch.

by Valerie

Icons and other graphics by Valerie
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Hi, I'm Valerie and this is my icons and graphics journal. [mostly icons though]

I've been making icons for about 6 months now, I believe, but it's only been in these past few months that I've began to make progress on my icon skills. I am not yet advanced, though.

I just have a few rules regarding the community.

1. No stealing whatsoever. Not matter how crappy the piece looks, I still [most likely] put a lot of work into it.
2. Always credit when using my icons. If you do not know how to do this, just ask. I won't bite. Much.
3. Please, please, please comment! I thrive on comments. Even if you don't take any icons...a simple comment telling me that you liked them, or even didn't like them, would make me love you forever.
4. Just because an icon doesn't have any text, it does not make it a blank. I will be sure to make a note if the icons are blanks for your use.
5. I like constructive criticism. I don't like name calling. If you don't like me, keep it to yourself. Life goes on.
6. I am willing to take requests, and will most likely fufill any of them. But I do have the right to refuse any requests that are not in my best interests.
7. That's it. Have fun.

Note: I make icons from MANY different fandoms. Thus the community name.

<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Val